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Alexander House, Swindon

Acquisition and Redevelopment

Alexander House is a 7 storey office building totalling 24,000 sq ft and located in the heart of Swindons business centre.

The building was identified by SPC as having redevelopment potential due to its proximity to the shopping centre and Swindon Rail Station. The centre is also close to Junctions 15 & 16 on the M4 motorway.

Smethurst Property Consultants acquired the building on behalf of MCR and this transaction really does highlight the importance of employing the services of a local commercial property agent.

Smethurst Property Consultants were not only able to identify the opportunity but were also able to engage with the owner direct due to our extensive knowledge of the local market.

The result was a successful off-market acquisition which benefited both parties and paved the way for the redevelopment of a building nearing obsolescence.